We're in this together.


Remember - we are all intimately connected.  At Different Church, we are committed to doing our best to put others first. As we re-open our in person services, here's what we're doing to make sure you are as safe as possible.

After months of our normal pre-service coffee time being canceled, it's back on starting January 3rd.  Doors will now open at 10 with the service starting at 10:30, and you can grab some delicious black crow coffee in the lobby.  

Masks will be required in the building at all times, for everyone, with these exceptions:

Singers on stage, speakers on stage, and kids in the nursery under the age of 5.

Speaking of kids, you have to RSVP your child to attend, or they won't be allowed in. And we'll be cutting off the number of kids in the nursery at 5. Reserve your spot at hello@diffchurch.com.

Social distancing will be in effect. We have plenty of room in our main space to spread chairs out.

Let us know if you have any other questions about anything. We can't wait to see you (from 6 feet away) and be in the same room exploring our faith again.

Let's give some money away.

As you can imagine, not meeting physically each week has had an impact on us financially. But, lucky for us, as a brand new church we don't have too many expenses.  With that in mind, Different Church is committed to modeling generosity in our community.  In fact, we just gave away 3,500 dollars.  We believe in giving back, and we're not going to let tough times stop us from helping the city of St. Pete.  Here's who has benefited from your generosity:

Punky's Bar & Grill - $1,000 Tip
Did you know this was one of our first official meeting spots when we were planning out the concept of Different Church over a year ago? Since then, we've held many meetings here and have grown close to the staff. Like many restaurants in the area, they are operating at 50% occupancy and seeing a reduction in customers because of the virus - which means the servers are living on minimal tips. We gave Punky's a $1,000 tip to be evenly distributed to its 20 employees, which should equate to about a week's worth of groceries. 

Reach St Pete - $1,500 Donation
As soon as we were big enough to contribute to Reach St Pete's goals, we have been involved. They are an amazing local organization that helps combat homelessness by bridging the gap between person and resources by offering food, hygiene items, personal care, and bill pay assistance. Out of caution, they are operating at a reduced capacity but have more requests and needs to fulfill. Our contribution will help meet those needs. 

St Pete Free Clinic and Food Bank - $1,000 Donation
This is another incredible local organization: they provide food, hygiene items, and medical care to those in our community most in need. A large number of their clientele are elderly who only have social security income to live on. Our contribution will help provide goods and care to those in need. 

We're going to do it again.  Wanna be a part of it?